Classic America’s, “The Pops Concert Channel”, featuring the world’s greatest time tested music. We present 55 minutes of music in every hour. The Pops Concert channel is all familiar lite classical selections. Classical Music for People Who Don’t Like Classical Music. Limited commercial interruptions.  We never interrupt a music segment. Sundays we feature Great music of the Church from 6 AM to 10 AM ET.

    Classic America Channel

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6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. My wife and I enjoy listening to the wonderful music when we are having our morning coffee. Sunday morning is especially appreciated with the christian music emphasizing our Lord Jesus, we so love those old songs.

    Molly also has a lovely radio voice;

    Thank you;

    Emil and Brenda

  2. Milky and other hosts. Please sync your volume levels. The music s at one level but when you make an announcement it practically blows my speakers out!!

    Otherwise, I love Classic America. I’m a classical pianist and I listen at all three of my homes, San Francisco (my home town where my early training on the piano for ten years from 7 to 17 was at the SF Conservatory of Music), Miami, and Massachusetts.

    Gary Clark

  3. We listen to Classic America on Sonos and want to say how much we enjoy the wide variety of music you play. In the UK on classic FM the same pieces seem to be played over and over again.

    We particularly enjoy the hymns you play on Sundays. Not that we’re particularly religious but because the orchestrations you feature are often so exhilarating.

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